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how to get front grill off

07-04-09, 12:35
hi can someone please tell me how you get the front grill off a1.9 td t4 have had t4s for years but never needed to take off grill before. 3 screws top 2 below then what how do you get it out. thanks

just dan
07-04-09, 13:20
lift and pull bud it basicaly screws and hooks in.

general lee
07-04-09, 13:48
as just dan said:ILU::ILU::cool:

07-04-09, 14:13
Some where in here I show you.

Andy T:

08-04-09, 14:31
thanks for replies .321 better than a haines manual keep it up ta

08-04-09, 15:02
If you have the original jack fittings - you may be lucky & find a grille removal tool clipped to the plastic thingy that holds the jack down... I had a piccie of it, but I can't find it ATM...

08-04-09, 17:32
its ok sandmonster have found it thanks