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how to take off the front end?

07-04-09, 19:53
does anybody know how to remove the front end so i can get to my termostat. please help. seriously running out of time before i go away. thanks.

pearly whites
07-04-09, 19:57
5 screws 3 on top 2 on the bottom pull up then pull off there on hooks we are talkin about the grill arnt we? put in a search front grill removal hope this helps T:

07-04-09, 20:00
its easier to jack up front end, remove engine belly pan and get to it from underneath the van rather than remove all the front end. its located in water pump near alternator. (depending on model i guess)

07-04-09, 20:45
2.5tdi 102, thanks for the help so far!