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injectors 2.5 tdi - help

07-04-09, 20:56
Hi all. any idea how much a new diesel injector (no 1) with a set of nozzles should cost me for a 2.5 tdi(blue)? Ive got an engine problem whereby the the engine management light flashes.Its been identified as an intermittant fault on the needle lift sensor on the first injector but the garage with the diagnostics machine doesnt really work on diesels.

Fault translates into a jolt whilst driving almost like its cutting out.

It seems i need a new injector, engines an ajt. took it to a diesel "specialist" whose basically give me the run around so i'm still no further forward. Getting worried its gonna cost a bomb, tried a search on google but cant come up with any figures .any ideas.

Garage is talking about 2oo for the injector plus another 160 for the nozzles plus heaven knows how much for their fitting. need to sort before lazy lobb but dont want to right off all my cash for the weekend on injector(s). thanx:eek:

mad ferret
08-04-09, 06:50
The 88BHP uses the smaller (one-piece) injectors so the nozzles are not interchangable. Might be cheaper and easier buying the set of 102 PP injectors in classifieds.

22-05-09, 09:21
I think I have the exact same problem with my 2000 2.5tdi 102bhp. I get occasional 'jolts' when cruising at low revs in 5th when warming up. was happening once every couple of weeks for a few months, now it happens more and my engine management light has started flashing and I checked breaks. what was your final diagnosis and how much did it sting you in the end? hookin it up to vagcom next week and fingers crossed!

Big Bad Bear
22-05-09, 11:58
It wont be No1 injector it will be No4 the one with probe on and little wire that connects to the loom should be able to order direct from VW's about 180 all in
And yes this is what causes the jolt and engine management light to flash

22-05-09, 13:27
thanks a lot for the advice, it has been doing the 'jolting' thing for a while and the engine management light is only now coming on but i think your right about the injector. I have it booked in for wednesday. you reckon its wise to drive on in the mean time? she seems to be driving 100% apart from the odd jolt

22-05-09, 20:01
hi, yes had mine done about 3 weeks back, been to lazy lobb and a few hundred work miles a week since and its been perfect. yes set me back at 200 but all good now. As for driving? mine ran ok apart from that for a few months so should be alright for a few days! cheers and good luck:ILU: