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cheap as chips

just dan
08-04-09, 15:18
anyone who's met me will know i'm always looking for the most amount of stuff for the least amount of money well i've hit the jackpot.
my father inlaw is about to scrap a caravan but firts i'm alound to cannabalise it yay A:
it has a gas/eleccie fridge full water system, inverter and loads of foam to finish the bed plus gonna stripp the walls for the insulation yes i am that pickie. i may leave the loo though;) that and a 10 webasto i'm feeling pretty happy. if only i actually had my van back from the menders oh and some time to get the work done

08-04-09, 17:50
take off all the aluminium from the caravan, window edges finishing strips etc, also all the ally which covers the walls externally, take it down the scrappy and you could get upto 50 quid for it :)

just dan
08-04-09, 19:39
i suggested that but its not my van and the guy who owns it doesn't want the hassle even though i offered to do it so he's gonna pay someone to take it away instead.

each to there own though.

08-04-09, 19:48
Scrap it on my drive and take the salvage up to orchards in the caddy and tow whats left and weigh it all in together,im off work next week so could sort something out buddy T:

08-04-09, 19:56
people will pay, 50 quid for the rolling chassis to use as a trailer! i bought a knackered caravan for 50 quid, cut it up on my drive with a chain saw :) next door loves me!

all i wanted was the flat chassis to make a trailer for my hovercraft, sold all the and ally for over 50 quid.

chain saw to an old caravan is fun too :)

just dan
08-04-09, 19:59
sounds good gotta talk to the guy who owns it do you reckon you'd be able to tow it as my licence isn't a towing one plus my petrol engine doesn't do towing well last time i nearly burnt the clutch out. ( no its not just my bad towing i've towed before no probsI:)

08-04-09, 20:11
Jeez mate you knows the caddy aint got no tax test or insurance but it runs ok without itH:
Its one thing whipping up the valley to orchards with it but i cant venture out to tow it down here matey its too riskyI: I could have borrowed the bland rover from work but i broke it scrapping the cabriolet last weekend:eek:
I dont mind driving the love bus for you though,wheres the caravan to?

just dan
08-04-09, 20:43
i wasn't thinking of towing with the caddy as its all the way down in mevagissey. i'll talk to the owner and give you a bell and see if we can sort summin out. cheers for the offer bud much appreciated. p.s jude said her and bessie say hi to emily looking forward to a trip to the movies soon. jude asked me to put kisses but i said no to kisses:no

08-04-09, 21:25
::rolleyes:Oh ok mate whatever you decide i'l give you a hand wi it!
Em said Hi back W: and wanted to put kisses too but i said no too only in privateT:

08-04-09, 21:32
If ya wanna tow it and need a motor, you can use me Volvo or the Van if ya want T: