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vw t4 steelies

08-04-09, 18:53
A set of 4 steels,painted white with black plastic centre trims,look good.

3 nearly new tyres,only a very small amount of use,and 1 ok,bit of life left.195/70/15 proper van tyres.

pic later looking for 70

tyres are worth more than that.

13-04-09, 11:23
hi mate have you still got the wheels if so what part of bristol are you in
i am also after an intake for that goes from the heater to the bonnet thanks james

13-04-09, 16:27
,they look good,bought a van from a bloke a few weeks ago,van was non runner,he had got to the end with the van and had decided to give up on the project.

these steelies have been refurbed in white,by himself and never used.

i am in kingswood in bristol,

All 4 look like this,tyres as per above.

might have a intake,will let you no.