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anybody changed engine temp sensor?

10-04-09, 16:41
Please PLEASE help!

von corris
10-04-09, 16:54
Changed mine the other week on a 2.5tdi so can tell you about that.
what engine do you have?

10-04-09, 17:08
2.5tdi, do tell!

von corris
10-04-09, 17:13
I have very little experiance with this sort of stuff, but managed to bimble my way through the job with the help of a couple of threads on here. Pretty straight forward stuff.
Where are you up to? This is for the dash temp display right?

von corris
10-04-09, 17:15

this may help

10-04-09, 17:48
yeah it is, mines packed up. :( thanks very much. might be off to wales tomorrow morning and dont like not knowing what temp the engine is.