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RHD T4 Multivans....

10-04-09, 21:30
Hi Guys,

I'm looking at possibly buying a T4 Multivan but they appear to be very light on the ground, were they made in limited numbers?

Also what sort of price can I expect to pay for a tidy, lowish mileage example, am I talking 5k, 7k or 10k plus?

Last of all does anyone know of any for sale in the UK, I don't mind travelling as long as the van is as described.

Thanks in advance


11-04-09, 00:48
They only made about 690 right hand drive ones.
They never caught on in England and were a special order.
They were actually cheaper than the Caravelle when new.
Genrally more basic inside than the Caravell as you were paying for that versatile interior instead of plush fittings.
The rear seat is not quite as comfy as the Caravelle and has no arm rests.
A bit limited for carrying more than 4 people becase of the rear facing middle seats having lap belts only.
The rear bed is uncomfortable so you will need an air bed or a foam roll.

To be honest, they are over-rated becase of their rarity and the fact that it's a factory sleeper (sort of).

They can go for as low as 5 or 6k but normally a bit ropey below this price. 8k seems to be the average with top notch examples going for 11k plus!

They are very well designed inside though and quite clever and easy to use and they tend to hold their price well.

This is quirky version of the T4; they are good fun and feel much more like a camper than just a big prople carrier. Superb for single sleepovers or as a day-van/weekender. If you need one for anything more than this then either get an earlier T4 Westfalia California for similar money (and get yourself used to LHD) of stick a nice Khyam Motor-Dome on the side.....

......or a Reimo pop-top....

...or even a high roof!;)T:

11-04-09, 09:24
Hi Surfdaddy,

Thanks for the comprehensive reply! All I have to do now is try and locate one!!


11-04-09, 10:14
Hey Scotty

Will keep an eye out for you!:ILU:

16-04-09, 11:31
I have a LHD Westfalia multivan syncro - its a great van much more versatile than a full camper. I don,t want to cook in a van any way and its not much of hardship not to cart around the kitchen sink. Thers a small cool box enough for a few beers etc.

I don't find driving a LHD vehicle to be any problem.


16-04-09, 12:06
I purchased my Multivan last year after a succesion of Bay(Devon conversion),and 3 T25's and it is definitely the best of the bunch.
I have always used my vans as daily drivers therefore carting all the camping equipment around most of the time unneccasarily.

The Multi is a joy to drive and I have stored the small rear facing seats in favour of a small camping unit and bench,so can always have a brew on a day- out and a picnic with the installed table.The bed is comfortable enough for a weekend and very big.We have an awning for trips with all the family and a small tent for the older ones.

Seek one out , they are worth the effort and keep their value and they are easier to insure than converted vans ,as they appear on brokers databases,which a converted van will not.T:

16-04-09, 12:29
Got one for 4.8k but it needed a bit of tidying. Defo the best, most versitile bus i have owned and as i have 4 kids now is sort of essential! We bought a khyam family sleeper awning for the extra camping space and stick a kettle and burner in the boot so we can brew up whenever we want. Don't miss the storage of a camper cos most of the time it is a daily and don't want to drag all the cups and shiv around.

16-04-09, 12:55
One for sale in the classified section https://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=31175