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Bike carrier for barn doors?

13-04-09, 19:22
Anyone have any recommendations for a bike carrier for the rear barn doors? Thinking of trip down through France.


13-04-09, 20:03
Fiamma your best bet not cheap 2nd hand 1s hold their money well they do a barndoor version aswellT:

13-04-09, 20:18
I got a halfords one for estate cars 40quid. fits and works fine but you have to take it off to open doors. only takes a couple of minutes to take off and put on T:

14-04-09, 13:05
Trickdaddy's right, they aint cheap. I bid on a couple of eBay ones but they both went for more than 120! In the end I bought a Thule which mounts on the tow ball.

15-04-09, 19:01
Thanks for the advice people.

I saw one of the Halfords one yesterday. As coincidence would have it I was getting some plastic trim cleaner/polish and there was a guy outside Halfords fitting one to his van with barn doors.

It fit alright but someone with a knife/scissors could remove the rack and the bikes in seconds. With about 3000 worth of bikes I wanted something secure. I dont have a tow hitch so that type is a no goer for me.

I'll have alook at the Fiamma version and see what that is like.

Thanks again.

15-04-09, 19:12
Try this site as an alternative

15-04-09, 19:13
Why dont you just ride the bikes thro france? you can leave the chuffing van at home I: joking aside, i got barn doors and need a good bike rack, theres only one worth buying but you get what you pay for

15-04-09, 19:17
Sorry just realised you don't have tow hitch.

15-04-09, 21:41
I purchased a Fiamma bike rack for barns doors. I think the bikes are pretty safe T: as you need to have the doors open to remove the bike rack. You can then lock the bikes to the rack. The only way they will come off if someone has a hacksaw!