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Engine reconditioning

15-04-09, 10:16
Hi people

Firstly apologies this isn't in the engine section but I am not a member yet (waiting till I actually buy a van!!)

I'm looking at an ex-AA with 154 miles on the clock. Firstly, from what I can gather, this is nothing to worry about assuming it has been serviced regularly!

However, being the nervy guy I am, I was wondering where I could get the engine reconditioned, whats involved and what is the typical cost? I've seen a number of vans, both here and elsewhere, with recon engines but am curious as to what that actually means!!

Or.......would my money be better spent elsewhere?? Vehicle use would be light (few surf trips to kernow and the odd trip to france to go snowboarding )

Any advice??



15-04-09, 10:25
If she has been serviced and looked after most of the engin stuff can be done yourself ie old filters and oil and general looking after.

i just brought a 96 plate with 180k on the clock and im not worried as it has FSH and has been looked after quiet well

i brought a fiat punto 1.2 sporting a fews back it was 4 months older than the 3 year warenty and cost me over 1500 to fix as the ECU went so ill never buy a new car again!

you should be fine really

i think recon is a total strip down and re built, my friend had a rebuilt engin on his kit car, he wishes he never bothered as the engin was fine the way is was and ran into more problems afterwards

just the luck of the draw!

defo become a member for 10 theres so much good information here and i have save just buy peoples advice!

best of luck hope to wish you to the T4forum soon!

15-04-09, 11:15
I'm running a 1995 plate with 256k on the clock. All original engine.

15-04-09, 15:44
unless the engine has any major mechanical problems or EXTREME wear from zero servicing just don't waste your money bud.

These engines when serviced are capable of 300 000 miles.

Make sure it has its timing belt done and give it a full service then spend the rest of the money on alloys, lowering, kitting the inside out etc etc - believe me when i say you will get the bug like the rest of us and the engine will become a distant memory when you start seeing all the other goodies there areT: