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Any Ideas on what this is?

15-04-09, 21:47
This is just behind the drivers seat on an Ex AA van. Not sure what it is for and i'm fairly sure I removed all the AA wiring.

Your help would be appreciated. :ILU:

15-04-09, 21:55
That, sir, is your Maple immobiliser unit.
You may have a transponder attached to a bit of seat belt material or not if it's been disconnected!
It used to allow the old patrolman to keep his engine running without the van being nicked.

16-04-09, 19:37
Thanks for your help T:

If the transponder is not attached does the immobiliser still work for starting the engine? If not am I safe to remove the unit?

I also have two keys for the van and one allows me to start the vehicle, but the other one only opens the doors. Is this linked at all to the immobiliser?

16-04-09, 22:59
Hmm... that Maple immobiliser looks a lot different to the one in my 2001 ex-AA!

The other tell-tale sign is the cable running up into the seatback (that's where the aerial is) - you can just see it in the photo!

Make sure that there isn't a transponder wedged into the seat somewhere or even strapped inside the seatback! You should be able to pull the plug out of the immobiliser unit - if the van still starts then it ain't still wired in!

As for your keys - only one of them has a transponder chip for the factory fitted immobiliser! Unfortunately it ain't cheap to get a replacement! I was lucky - the previous owner had a couple of extra ones made up so in total I have three keys that all have the transponder!


19-04-09, 16:00

My van has just gone into a workshop for a few weeks so I'll have a proper look when I get it back.