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VW New Exhuast mid section

16-04-09, 10:31
For a 2.5tdi acv engine.

Brand new VW would cost a fortune.......

Yours for 40

(May also have a used but decent condition back box)

16-04-09, 20:00
Hi ,

Have you got a part number? I have an ex-AA with 2.5 TDI that needs a new exhaust. Where in Brum are you as I work in Handsworth.

Many thanks,

16-04-09, 20:33
Will get it for you tomorrow mate, should be the right one though.....

Am in Sutton Coldfield so not too far away from Handsworth

18-04-09, 09:55
VW part number 074 119D

Ring up your local parts centre and see the saving ;)

21-04-09, 09:27
up up up and away

22-04-09, 16:04
Can't believe this ain't gone yet, just found an invoice for when I had the middle section done about 4 years ago at a quick fit type place. Was 85 and they fitted a rubbish aftermarket exhaust not a genuine VW one like this one.

Someone come and get it.

22-04-09, 16:59
would this fit a 92

22-04-09, 19:53
Not sure if its a 2.5tdiI can't see there being a problem.

24-04-09, 08:13
Still here and will be on ebay next week.