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Black Chrome T4 windows

16-04-09, 16:46
Black Chrome T4 Mid section fixed glass
A privacy glass, tinted with a mercury film,

16-04-09, 18:15
A: How much, fitted, forum member, slider and opposite?
And how long would you need the van for?
(no van yet but costing the build)

fitted to a T4, not the forum member!

16-04-09, 18:20
very tidy Andy :ILU:

team french
16-04-09, 18:42
looks nice,H:

but how muchI:

17-04-09, 09:07
Willonmitchell just had a good idea, to put a normall privacy window next to the black chrome to compare them,

17-04-09, 09:23
Standard privacy is on the left, black chrome is on the right, photos dont do it no justice.

17-04-09, 11:32
I think as well you need to not do it with a whit back ground. Its like looking in my limo tint window with the light on inside. you don't get a reflection.

Maybe put a solid dark material behind the glass?

Will be coming to get a tinted window soon Andy, Got the hole cut !! H: