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Help with quick spot for 800/1200 difference

16-04-09, 19:10

Another noob question, please bear with a bloke asking dumb questions so 'hopefully' LOL: I buy what i want & not a limon :D

Lots of sellers don't list or even know the load capacity of the vans they are selling. The relatively common trend of popping a blue I'd badge on an 800 leaves me wanting advice on pertinant questions to quiz sellers with and things to look out for.

Short of calling vw with the vin number how can i tell them apart. I guess they have different rated springs and dampers, are there any easy tells between the two model types?

I live in cornwall so I am basically choosing from advert, obviously if it's a bag of **** then I'll use the return rail ticket, but i need to spend my travel funds on going to look at exactly what i am interested in, the best way to do this is to be able to ask the right questions.

Thanks for reading this far. :ILU:


team french
16-04-09, 19:16
think their should be an axle rating plate somewhere on the van. but should have a gross weight on the v5, 2.8for 800 and 3.2 for 1200 i think:confused:

16-04-09, 19:19
spot on, nice simple paper question A:

- is the revenue weight on the V5 for your 800 2800kgs?



team french
16-04-09, 19:23
think so(without going on a ratch for it:D) some one else will be able to say for sure.