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Why do AA T4s go for a premium at dealers?

16-04-09, 19:16

Idle question, as i am not going to buy one - don't want the colour or the window-, why do exAA T4s go for soooo much money?

I expect the tow bar and clever electrics are useful for some people but I don't think that can explain the market appeal..



Big Bad Bear
16-04-09, 19:41
Could be the fact they are well mantained 102 BHP engines and as they have the window and seatbelts fitted by Factory they are also strengthened in this area so make the ideal conversion base :D

16-04-09, 20:00
If you dont want the window or the seat then I would look for a well maintained panel van.
Taking the AA stuff out leave a mess, a load of holes and you will have bits of trim to replace to make it look OK.
When I bought mine they were a bit more than a standard van, and I do still wonder whether I would have been better to have gone for a van - blank canvas etc.

16-04-09, 20:24
I guess the guarantee of excellent maintenance record is a draw, but as you suggest ed-j I think a tidy panel van is better for my needs.