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breaking 2.5 petrol n reg van interior

16-04-09, 20:57
blue vell interior.....

whats left now,rest removed from list and sold.

Front captins 160 pair collection

rear single buddy seat 40 collection

front door panels,good condition speaker pods in door pockets both sides,holes for electric window swithches.60 pair.

17-04-09, 14:54
First dibs on the triple H:
You have PM - any chance of a pic?

17-04-09, 18:58
Plastic side step for slideing door and bottom roller price please mate. Will have em if not too silly a price. Ta

17-04-09, 19:14
pics of the buddy please mate

17-04-09, 20:20
said in earlier thread,photos will be soon,will be tomorrow night.

sliding door step and rear threshold sold.


Buddy seat is a single,next to the double,but only folds forward,nt to the side,fits in the middle row though.


marine boy
17-04-09, 20:59
Need a driver's side electric door mirror and electric window mechanism, will take the glovebox as well. PM me prices for the above including postage. Can pay by Paypal.

17-04-09, 21:14
glovebox sold,only breaking interior..........sorry..:D

17-04-09, 21:52
Do you have plastic interior trim that covers the top runner above sliding door :confused:

17-04-09, 22:51
k , the buddys no good for me

18-04-09, 05:37
Do you have plastic interior trim that covers the top runner above sliding door :confused:

yep mate have the runner cover,but will be seling all the plastic together not spliting,sorry.:ILU:

19-04-09, 19:05
Pics of these seats will be tomorrow eve.thanksfor waiting.

cheers simon.:ILU:

just dan
20-04-09, 11:44
interested in the interior plastics any pictures?

21-04-09, 21:25
Most now sold.....items sold removed.

Other interiors available next week.cheers simon.:ILU: