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these or these or these

lance2001 t4
17-04-09, 20:07
or these
your opions very much appreciated

17-04-09, 20:10
I reckon those I:.

lance2001 t4
17-04-09, 20:12
i new you would pick thoseLOL:LOL:

17-04-09, 20:14
na it's got to be the others

middle ones being serious

17-04-09, 21:23
I would have said the first ones but black/polished lip has been done to death although I still really like them. For something different I quite like the last ones, just mean looking and not posey, depends on the look you're after. The middle ones are a safe bet, will look good on any style van.

18-04-09, 21:32
middle ones get my vote buddy

18-04-09, 21:55
1st option

2nd option

3rd option

Just to make it a bit easier bud! 1st and 3rd options are not really very original i would go with 2ndT:

lance2001 t4
18-04-09, 22:00
i like the black ones they go with my orange van:confused: but iam liking the 2nd option aswell got to get it right this time already brought a set of wheels and tyres and dont like em:(

18-04-09, 22:04
Any so long as there not Audi reps

19-04-09, 08:02
2nd one without a doubt

19-04-09, 10:57
2nd ones for sure

1st ones im not keen on wheels with one colour on the inside and another on the rim
unless the wheel are BIGGER than 18`s. As it makes your wheels look smaller than they actually are

3rd ones are nice but i think the spokes are too thin and the wheels are black you will see everything behind the wheel its not exactly a pretty view. your eye will be drawn to all the rubbish behind the wheels with them.

thats only my opinion though

19-04-09, 11:07
Black wheels are only an option for referbishing old wheels in my opinion (like me). On option 3 you run the risk of buying them and looking like you got an old set and re sprayed them yourself.

Just a thought.

20-04-09, 19:34
Pick another style and you could do one of each.
I like the first ones, black with shiney, mmmmmmm!
I don't care if a few others have them, there'll be a reason for it, like they look fkn great.

lance2001 t4
20-04-09, 19:53
ive gone for option two they are on there wayH:

20-04-09, 20:17
good choice update with pics when fitted T:

20-04-09, 21:55
Hi there, nice wheel choice!!!! Can you let me know what their servive is like as i'm thinking of getting another style from the same place . Cheers

Get some piccies up when they're fittedT:

20-04-09, 22:27
These! ( arts_Acc_Wheels_tyres_Rims_Car_Wheels_ET?hash=item 230337843732&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1683%7C66%3A2%7C65%3A12%7C39%3A1%7C 240%3A1318)
Or some other in similar style, can't go wrong with BBS in the DUB scene.

20-04-09, 22:32
I saw your T4 and for me the best choice is 3rd


21-04-09, 19:17
Hi, I was going to get a set of the wolfrace sharks (1st option), but was nocked off the 5 spoke design as i though personally you could see too much behiend the wheel. i bought these in the end

They are inovit DTM rims, 445 for four rims posted et 42, 18*8, They fit the van beautifully with out any rubbing and have a lip/dish about 50mm deep. On the first day of fitting them i had a chappy with an A6 threten to nick em for his self after parking outside his house.

Choice is yours, but With the DTM you will be more than delighted.... not cheep, but they look far from it.


lance2001 t4
02-05-09, 20:08
these it is:D
or maybee.......I:

02-05-09, 20:50
They look really good, suit the van to a tee T:.

Still a safe bet though I: :D