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seeking a little help !!!

18-04-09, 22:20
Hi there i got my first t4 yesterday, I hav bin into to vw for a while now and currently hav a GT Beetle and thought it was time to upgrade to some thing bigger for the shows and camping it is a 92 2.4d nothing spanking but its a crackin little van and makes for a good project, A:

One off the little issues i hav tht now and then when it comes to starting it it doesnt seem to engage and jus make a grinding sound, so to get over this i would hav to put it into gear, normally 1st, and jus give it a little rock back and forth so it moves a little and bobs ur uncle, take it out of gear and it will start every time,
I hav bin advised tht it may be the ring gear ? but thought i would ask some people on in the hope some body could point me in the right direction,

many thanks to all :ILU:


18-04-09, 22:25
ring gear as in the toothed ring around the flywheel?

i'd start by checking the starter bud, sounds like an old astra i used to have. Had to do the same. changed the starter and bobs yer aunty with boll:*T:

18-04-09, 22:34
it has had 2 seperate starters on bud one of which had bin reconditioned, sorry i should hav stated tht,
I had bin told bout the ring gear and it may be a possabilaty is it a big job ro do or would i be better off changin the whole flywheel ? :eek:

18-04-09, 22:35
ring gear as in the toothed ring around the flywheel? sorry yeah thts wot i was told ? ? ? ?

18-04-09, 22:45
don't know about the t4 ring gear but on some motors its not that easy to get them off, some you have to heat up to get on/off. might be easier to source a second hand flywheel (and cheaper than buying a new ring gear)

if you go down that route, might wanna think about a clutch and rear oil seal whilst the box is out - you know, for your own piece of mind and to save you doing it in futureT:

18-04-09, 22:46
where abouts in bridgwater are you mate?

18-04-09, 23:02
hey bud thanks for the reply

i had a funny feeling tht was goona be said, and yeah think u would be rite to change it whilst its out, is it a major job bud,

im north petherton side of bridgwater mate :confused:

18-04-09, 23:08
that anywhere near cannington or wembdon? best mate used to live there.

don't know the exact procedure but it's gonna be gearbox out, might just be box or might be engine or might be box+engine - always different ways with different motors.

With luck the box will separate and drop out the bottom, with the right gear and a bit of wiggling it can be done on the street.T:

18-04-09, 23:16
yeah bud im 5 min away from there,

wif any luck will be jus box out , BUT sod law never tht easy is it, cheers for the advise bud