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does anyone know what this material is called?

20-04-09, 11:16
Just trying to find out what this material is called? does anyone have any ideas? and also how common it is, i know these seats were out of a multivan,does anyone know if it is a material that was used only in multivans? I would like to find a pair of captain seats in this material to match our rear seat,and figured the best place to start is to try and find the name of the material. I've done a search but no joy.

Any help will be much appreciated T:

20-04-09, 11:31
"toto" cloth

might be worth trying VW you might be surprised T:

20-04-09, 22:03
yep toto and not only multivans .caravelle sedan models from 99 on i think

23-04-09, 11:59
Thank you very much for that,T: i will now endeavour on my search to find some captain seats. :D