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Seats question, sorry

21-04-09, 11:07
I have found in my searching a thread all for ex AA vans but I can't find it now...

Just got my first T4, previously been air cooled. I have two seats fitted in the rear, I assume standard fit for AA vans, how do they come out? Found what looks like two levers on the bottom but puling them doesn't do anything.

Also I want to ditch the double cab seat for a single, do any other seats (other than T4) fit a standard single base?

Thanks in adviance.

21-04-09, 11:14
Pull the levers up while someone else sits on the seat and pushes backwards with their legs. It will then slide off the mushroom bolts.

As for the double - try swapping it on here for a single - I did :D

21-04-09, 11:24
Try this thread..................

22-04-09, 07:48
Thanks for the advise, I'll have a go, do the mushroom bolts just bolt through the floor?

22-04-09, 10:39
yesT: mushroom bolt are bolted in the floor..