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Good VW repairs / Service

21-04-09, 11:10
Would just like to inform anyone who is on the look out for a good place to get there van serviced. I was trolling the forums when I see someone recommend this place and booked marked the page. I am going for along trip over to Romania in the Van in the next couple of months and thought it best to get the timing belt done...didnt want that snapping on route!

Anyway I called the local VW stealers and was quoted 600+vat :eek: So I thought I would ask the local repair shop 300+vat to supply and fit a timing belt kit another :eek:

I then called Expert VW Audi Ltd who someone recommend on this forum in another thread spoke with Chris who took some details down of the van and then in about 20 mins called me back with a price of 166 odd to supply and fit a genuine kit so I booked myself it.

Arrived there yesturday spoke with Simon as Chris was on Holiday and left them to do there thing, turned back up later in the day at the agreed tim and my van was all done and Chris told me my timing was out alittle and I should notice its got a little more sure does.

So if anyone around the Waltham Cross area looking for a VW expert to do there work get in touch with Chris or Simon of Expert VW Audi Ltd and at them prices it would well be worth the trip for others im sure.

Link for them here (