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paying in euros.

21-04-09, 17:17
Hi all, hope somone out there can help me.

Have booked the familly hols in france in same campsite that we stayed in last year. They speak almost no english and my french is only passable.
Have just rang them on the phone to arrange the booking and have been told to send dates we are staying and a cheque for 120 euros as a deposit.
Heres the question.
How do i pay in euros from an english bank account.
Rang the bank, no help there.
Is there a way to send money in euros to france?
Bank transfer out of question as i dont know their bank details.
Any ideas?

Smokey Fontaine
21-04-09, 19:24
A euro bank transfer if you bank does it for private customers but it will cost. Credit card would be the easiest solution if you can do that. Also, you are protected just in case it all goes t*its up!


21-04-09, 23:09
Your bank can do a cheque in euro's, will cost though (depending on account) Better to get the campsite bank details and money transfer, costs about 15 for amounts less than 700 and 20 for more than that, a rip off non the less.:(

22-04-09, 16:31
I got it sorted today today with a foreighn currency check from the bank. Cost me 15 quid which wasnt too bad. Exchange rate was 1.08 euros to pound tho:eek:
Gonna be a dear trip methinks