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my 1st t4

21-04-09, 20:34
after many month of looking at sheds i finally found "the one"., its the 1st t4 ive ever own and frigging love it!

its an 02 2.5 88bhp with only 80k on the clock, runs like a dream without a single sign of smoke. lovely :ILU:

21-04-09, 20:48
T: welcome to the t4 world

21-04-09, 20:50
haha is this the beginning of the end?

21-04-09, 21:08
What you got planned for it?

21-04-09, 21:59
ermm just orderd a badgeless grille and clear indicators and a gear extension as im 6ft4 and the gear lever is way to low.

then some rs8 or merc wheels but i cant really lower it yet as ive got two 1ton generators to shift in a few months.

colour code the bumpers and sort out the couple of tiny dings in it. interior will be staying van like but with a carpet floor and some aws0me ideas for the walls but im not going to give much away just yet :D