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Swivel base and rear seats for sale

10-01-08, 12:23
i have a brand new never fitted swivel base for sale,didnt get round to fitting it and im not selling the van.

Its from cmc and im looking for 85.

Also have rear seats out of a aa van for sale,as i need the space in the back.

Offers please.



12-01-08, 17:58
How much for the rear seat ,and where is bidford ,whats the condition like

12-01-08, 18:41
Send you a private pm about swivel base.
Check your inbox dude.

14-01-08, 07:52
What type of swivel plate is it - the one with a bolt or the one with a big hole in the middle (FASP) and whch side is it for?
I'm after a drivers side..

14-01-08, 09:35
Sorry fellas but swivel base now sold.

In relation to seats,i would say they are fairly good condition to be honest,cant see any marks.

Bideford is north devon,but im also in kidderminster a lot,which is worcestershire.

Is 50 reasonable to ask for?

18-01-08, 21:38
REAR SEATS WITH SEAT BELTS.....still for sale.

Need to be collected or can meet in n devon somewhere.

50.No offers

Rich T
19-01-08, 00:10
dibs please.....as long as they re not hanging then yes please. 07788 410470 cheers