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A torque bit dropped down the block!

24-04-09, 16:19
Hey, while the head was off, a torque bit went down a little hole in the block, oil I think.

Where has it gone?

Straight to the sump? I've put a long piece of thread down with a magnet taped on, but nothing came up.

Can I remove the sump and pull it out?


team french
24-04-09, 17:28
i wouldnt put it back together untill ive found it. if you cant find it from the top, start from the bottom:(

26-04-09, 12:40
Bugger! :eek:

26-04-09, 12:59
most likely be jammed in the hole still

won't be in the sump as it'd have to go through the oil pick up pipe and mesh.

goodluck :(T:

26-04-09, 17:09
Stuck a big rod down it, with a magnet on the end. End covered in oil and nothing picked up.

Worth taking the risk and starting it? What's the worse that could happen, on the verge of scrapping this van, but can't afford a new one.

26-04-09, 17:16
have you tried torque-ing to it?? Tell it you wont be cross I:

how strongs the magnet you have used? Must be there somewhere wouldn't start It if I wer thee.

Take the sump off first might be there