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Camping interior

Junior 72
25-04-09, 17:56
Hi, i remember seeing a programme on tv where they use an old type 25 to do up. Anyway, it was a van and they converted it to a camper using sort of racking bars screwed to the side of the van, and then they hung these boxes which contained storage for a cooker, cupboards etc.

I thought it was a good idea because i could then use the van for work, and then pop the storage boxes and stuff in for when i go surfing.

Did a search but couldn't find anything - do any of you know where i can get hold of some?


Oh, buy the way, i havent yet bought a van as yet - still looking!

25-04-09, 18:03
was that the wheeler dealer show? i've always liked that but remember not being too impressed with that episode! they spent over a grand for some vinyl wrap and it looked terrible in my opinion.
i agree with you that the quick in and out idea of those fitments were good though, although cant remember who made them.

Junior 72
25-04-09, 18:05
indeed it was - they never said who they got it from. i agree, the wrap looked pants.

team french
25-04-09, 18:21
think it was these guys but i cant see what they used on their web site, dont seem to have much on it tho-

from what i remember the stuff they used looked pants as it did look like the plastic tubs you get at wilkinsons for 3 hooked on to a rack. removeable, yes but purpsoe built , not.

there was thread while ago which was about a removable kitchen unit that looked soo much better. cant find it tho:confused:

25-04-09, 18:24
I remember it, i think they used Ambro units

But the site does'nt seem to show the Birch ply boxes.


Doh !!
you beat me to it