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exterior silver window cover for sale

nic 1084
27-04-09, 09:29
For Sale

Silver insulated window cover...
1 piece, covers both front windows and the windscreen.

its exterior and fits the t4 is in good condition

only selling as i do wild camping on occasion and prefer interior screens for that... ( you can rev up and :* offI: quicker if neededLOL:

item is in Chester/Wirral area

I can post for the postage cost, but would prefer collection and payment in cash.

I woould like 35 for the item, it is in a bag, although the bag has a couple of tears.

pm or phone 07989 533217 after 3 pm please as i start nights tonight... thanks

27-04-09, 09:37
1st dibs on this, but would like to see a pic of it fitted if possible ?

And also what make is it ?

nic 1084
27-04-09, 13:43
Will take a photo later this pm when the better half gets back from work with the van.....

cant say what make as i cant find a label.
It feels very heavey duty compared to the interior ones. Grey on outside, slight padding and silver reflective on inside.

elastic with hooks to hold onto doors and fits around the mirrors.


27-04-09, 15:09
Am also interested, but again would like to see pictures first and also to know what make it is.

What would you charge to post to Oxford as I wouldn't be able to collect?



nic 1084
27-04-09, 16:59

hope these come out... never posted photos before:)

if they dont, i will email them.http://s725.photobucket.com/albums/ww254/nic1084/?action=view&current=Photo-0089.jpg

postage is standard parcel... 4.50 plus if you want insurance, its a 1 (item weighs 1.25 kg before packaging)

28-04-09, 09:02
3rd dibs please!

28-04-09, 10:05
Thanks for the pics, These are not the type I'm after so I'll leave it thanks. T:

nic 1084
29-04-09, 06:55
still for sale or it goes on the fleabay

nic 1084
30-04-09, 12:44
Now sold