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awning rail

28-04-09, 20:53
Ive been looking at the remio multi rail for my LLB wow 159, so i was thinking could i fit a ordinary awning rail like they have on caravans, fitted in the same place as a remio would be and just thraed the awning strip through it the alloy strip is only 7.50
regards jarvo

28-04-09, 20:57
Yep it will work but the reimo one acts like a gutter when its raining and you can either slide the awning into it or clip a pole on to the top of it for easier driving away hooking up and they look like the real dealT:

Desp Dan
28-04-09, 21:37
they look like the real dealT:

So much so nobody usually notices the one I have on my van I: :D