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One low corner - Cannons forge?

28-04-09, 21:16
Hi all, need to ask some opinions /experience. I switched my wheels around today, front to back (they are 18's) and since ive done it, ive noticed that my back passenger corner is a little lower than the rest. I measured from centre of cap to top of wheel arch and got the following:

Both fronts 365mm

Rear passenger 330mm
Rear Drivers 370mm

Now i dont know if i have just noticed this as i just switched my wheels or its been like this for a while, maybe since i had my 3/4 bed fitted on the lower side and i have not noticed it. Could the weight of the bed cause this corner to lower this much or do i have a problem?

Hope its nothing too serious as im supposed to be heading to Croyde this weekend :eek:

29-04-09, 14:54
It's in the bloody garage again waiting for new springs to be fitted. They are not broken as I suspected but seem to have "slumped" on one side.

29-04-09, 16:08
bed wouldnt do it, its a van -they are used to carrying stuff- spring defo.

so easy to switch yourself- even i changed mine and i m a mechanical numptyT:

29-04-09, 17:05
totally off topic

where in croyde are you this weekend buddy (not a big place i know)

i'm at Ruda with a few pals if you fancy a beer

White v reg t4


29-04-09, 18:17
This is what mine is like and ive only had the springs done too.

So what we are saying is its a dodgy spring ?

29-04-09, 21:31
What it could be is that you have uneavenly wound down the front torsion bar on one side pulling the font down and pushing the back corner up if that makes scense. Another common error is leaving the rubber pad out on one side or not noticing one is missing.