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A good buy ?

28-04-09, 21:36
As a total newbie here I apologise for such a first question but has anyone got an opinion on what this van is worth before i set off and have a look ?..2001 2.5 turbo 1200 lwb window van [ looks like full windows but no mention of how many seats],92,00 on clock...Alternative is an ex AA van with 100k on clock on a Y plate for 2.500..bit scared of how its been treeted since in service as its been used as a tow van by recent owners...Cheers in advance

28-04-09, 21:53
hi mate welcome to the forum T:
and you have pm

29-04-09, 07:57
a van is only worth what u want to pay.i would never buy one without full service history.as so many clocked usually just before its first mot due ie 3 years i have seen 03 van with 82000 miles genuine seller claims i did vosa check it had done 300k +but u wouldnt know by looking at it.good luck in your quest the good vans are out there

30-04-09, 17:25
what is a vosa check?