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Photshop wizard wava a wand over this please

Captain Chaos
29-04-09, 20:59
I need to see what a white T4 would like like with ASA FR4 18''s on would look like rather quick? Help me out dudes ... :ILU:

Captain Chaos
29-04-09, 21:02
Typo heaven my post there ...I:

29-04-09, 21:06
Are the wheels ....these..??.

Captain Chaos
29-04-09, 21:22
A: yes thats them, just cannot imagine on the van? can you help?

Captain Chaos
29-04-09, 21:40
Bumpity bumpity bump bump bump heeeeeeeeeelp :ILU:

29-04-09, 21:56
Sorry mate, tried but made a total mess of it, i'll have another go tomorrow for you when i,m not as tired :eek:
free bump tho I:

Captain Chaos
29-04-09, 21:58
Thanks for trying man, much appreciated :ILU: Have to make a fast decision right zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........

29-04-09, 22:38
A quick last attempt using the forum custom T4- I: :cool:

30-04-09, 03:40
A quick mockup T: