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anyone tried to take a headlight apart?

29-04-09, 22:10
anyone tried this? T:

30-04-09, 13:56
I'm no grease monkey but I thought headlights were a sealed unit?

Just going to collect my bus from MOT/Service - it failed yesterday due to one headlight being 'faulty'. Luckily it was the same light that was replaced by the same garage last year so it was still under warranty.
Apparently the 'lens' had come loose somehow. Is this why you want to take it apart?

Apart from that, it flew thru the MOT :)

Big Bad Bear
30-04-09, 18:43
anyone tried this? T:

T4 Trick took his apart and sealed some LED's in I: Think as long as it's sealed back up proper should be OK

30-04-09, 19:13
Hi bud i am fitting leds in my short nose lights at the moment the way i did it was heat up the back of the light with a pluming blow torch to get the glue soft . Then i got a sharp knife then cut round the lens then get a strip of 48 led lights i had to cut them down to 42 long so i get a good fit in the light.
I got some clear adhesive for glass from b&q then i stuck the lights to the glass held in place with gaffer tape and left them overnight .
Then i put a hole in the light backing so the wire will run out in the corner so i can wire to the side lights for the Audi look :cool: it was about this time i run a bead of adhesive round the light backing then put the glass back on held in place with tape overnight.

Here's a look at mine i just need to do the next one :ILU:
I will try and get more pics of the way i do it this weekend

Hope it is a help bud T:
Tony aka Toad
P.S i must say thanks to trick for showing my his lights at the Hampshire meet thanks trick

30-04-09, 19:22
I'm liking this T4 toad - i've always wanted to do this - post loads of pics when u do your other 1 pal so i can copy:D How are u going to supply the power? Are u going to get the power from the the excisting side lights wire?

Where did u get the led strip from?


30-04-09, 20:29
that was why i asked!

I've just done mineT: