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Window Tinting

30-04-09, 07:29
Just bought a 96 T4 Caravelle, does anyone know where I can get a window tinting kit for it?

30-04-09, 08:10
got mine off fleabay, works brilliantly 15. Just didnt clean one window enoiugh and has bubbled a bit. Should have used a razor blade like the advice said. But pleased that i dont have creases.

30-04-09, 08:21
I bought a roll of film from ebay (3m x 1m) for 9.

That did the 2 side windows (sliding door & opposite) plus the barn doors.

They came out ok for a first attempt but don't underestimate how dirty your windows are on the inside! I also caused 2 little rips/snags where I was squeegying out the water and didn't use a cloth or similar over the plastic scraper I was using.

Loads of useful video guides on You tube!

30-04-09, 08:22
Yeah i noticed theres loads of it on fleabay, any chance you can point me at the seller you used? I suspect some are better than others... Oh, how much did you buy?

30-04-09, 08:23
Cheers golddust, which seller did you get them from?