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Seatbelt Rules?

30-04-09, 11:32

I hope someone can help ASAP, i am trying to plan out the van's interior and don't have much time! Basically, can I carry rear passengers on side mounted 'bench' style seating IF I have lap belts bolted to the side/floor of the van?

Is this perfectly legal? As an alternative to having a 2 person rock n roll bed/seat set up?

So like this:

but with seatbelts?

Captain Chaos
30-04-09, 11:55
Well I had a Renault with that set up and always passed the MOT!

30-04-09, 11:56
Thanks bro, i just moved away from bos-vegas! for the summer missing it already! haha

30-04-09, 18:20
Please read this thread regarding seats/belts

Mrs SP x :ILU:

01-05-09, 08:46
Thanks, though after reading three times i am still not sure if that means bench seats with lap belts (like in back of landy for example) are legal...

01-05-09, 09:08
side mounted seats ie crew bus type highly dangerous.such vehicles no longer made.the only safe way to carry rear passengers is forward facing full 3 point i find are ex mobility seats come with such belts and conform to legal requirments u find them on ebay.around 40/60 each fitted correctly with large spreader plates underneath.would u carry your loved ones any other way ???hope this helps

01-05-09, 09:59
Thanks for the information, i just wondered if they were not legal or if you legally have to have 3 point seatbelts with passengers facing forward?