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Speeding fine...doh!

01-05-09, 11:50
Picked up a speeding fine on the A449, approaching Worcester(57mph in a 50). It was a manned camera and I thought I'd hit the brakes enoughI: Maybe those 18" wheels have thrown my speedo out more than I thought;)

Mind you, it's been 8 years since my last one and that was on a Honda Fireblade (doing 106mph on the wrong side of double white lines!). Not too disappointed....just pleased that the van goes that fastLOL:

03-05-09, 20:59
not being rude what did you get for speeding just a fine or more? and glad the van goes fast lol



04-05-09, 10:26
3 points and 60. I guess its the price you pay for driving on British roads these days.

04-05-09, 10:40
3 points and 60. I guess its the price you pay for driving on British roads these days.

Sympathy to ya fella, I got one yesterday too. I was on my zx6 and am A bloody luck chap that the copper is also a biker. 132mph along the A31. I don't condone it and deserved far more than I got but I was damn bored after 200 miles from Sheffield at 80 on a bike. No excuse but stupidity!! anyway 3 points and 60. Think I'll sell the bike and stick to the van - never reach them sort of speeds in itLOL: You'd think I'd know better at 40!!!

04-05-09, 16:35
I'd expect it at 40, it's the mid life thing mate, LOL:
i went from driving a non turbo transit with a clean license to a t4 2.5 TDI 3 years ago and picked up 6 points and 120 in fines in the first month
price you pay for driving in style ! (or driving like a tw at) I:

04-05-09, 16:43
thing is though the sad :* hide behind every corner just waiting for someone in a nice car to go 3 mph over and they got you surely theres more to life then traffic copping!!LOL:



04-05-09, 16:59
i can sympathise as i had a ticket for the works van last month,,

the boss phones me asking what i was doing 85 in a 60 zone, i said slowing down.!!!I:

still the last time i had any points was over twenty years ago..

my personal philosiphy is its all a numbers game and it was my turn..

especially as i ride a bike on the road too..(i must have been overdue)

04-05-09, 17:05
m4rty2472, you were some lucky that the copper was also a biker!