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Small bbq's for the vw shows ahead

TDI Dave
01-05-09, 14:01
Small barrel bbq's
just like these ones ... ACBBBQ3655

Any way my local co-op are selling them at 7.49

So just thought id share the info Check your local co-op

Opened mine and is just as good as my old one i payed 20 for !!

01-05-09, 14:42
your link doesnt seem to work

team french
01-05-09, 14:55
doesnt work for me either:( mind you, theres a coop 200yrds up the road from me, il keep an eye out:D

01-05-09, 14:57

This the link?

TDI Dave
01-05-09, 15:29

This the link?

yes yes yes thank you kind sir

01-05-09, 15:50
mmmmm they look good, will nip down mine laterT:T: