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ABL Engine

01-05-09, 16:38
I have an ABL engine complete with all ancils available shortly. I fitted it into my van when my engine went pop about 6 months ago, so I took a chance on it as there was no history so mileage is unknown. There is nowt wrong with it and it runs well but I have now decided to go down the TDI route this is the reason for it being available. Obviously I won't be able to release the engine until mine is finished, which I expect to be next weekend (10th May).

It had new belts, filters and oil done prior to fitting and has had a further oil and filter change 3 weeks ago. it has served me well but I WANT MORE POWER!!!

I would be able to meet anywhere on route from Kettering - Bournemouth (ie services, main junctions etc) for delivery on Monday 11th (Early eve) if that would help or collection from bournemouth or sheffield area by arrangement. Pallet delivery if needed at your cost.

Open to sensible offers via pm please.

01-05-09, 20:09
Pm sent - 1st refusal please T:

02-05-09, 22:03
Update on this. Apparently, most of the ancills from the ABL are shifted over to the AHU that is being put in. So to that end the description above is no longer accurate. What is being offered is the raw engine. As before, if interested offers via pm please.

04-05-09, 18:48
all i need is a raw engine 2nd dibs.

04-05-09, 20:36
all i need is a raw engine 2nd dibs.

PM emyour best offer buddy.