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anyone used plasikote

02-05-09, 17:30
i have been given a very useable 2 way fridge but it's a bit on the scruffy side and have been told to use plastikote on the plastic door,just wondering if anyone has any experience using this.....cheers.

02-05-09, 18:05
Yeah very good stuff.
Plasticoat do a specific spray for white goods and its spot on.
Go for it. :ILU:

02-05-09, 18:26
cheers mate do you know where i can get it.

02-05-09, 19:35
Hi Paul, i used silver plasticote on my fridge due to the door frame being badly scuffed got quite a bit knocked off the fridge price.
Stripped down the door then used scotchbrite pad to etch the surface & gave it 2 coats of paint its just like new.Purchased from FOCUS diy & was about 10 still have lots left in case! The finish is really good but not glossy..A:

Smokey Fontaine
02-05-09, 19:43
Used it on my door cards. Finish off with the clearkote laquer and its nice and shiny. Good stuff and very flexible. B&Q do it.


02-05-09, 20:04
any one used it for bra spraying? thats vinyl bonnet bras you sad lot!!!Rasp:

03-05-09, 03:47
cheers guys will give it a go ....just watching ricky hatton lying on the canvas .....after two rounds