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Any one know the weight of a T4 tailgate?

05-05-09, 21:15
As the title says......

any ideas of a weight for a tailgate...................

05-05-09, 21:36
I fitted one once, they are surprisingly heavy - probably 40kg ish

05-05-09, 22:10
40kg? Try more like 60 - 70kg! Blooming heavyT:

05-05-09, 22:45
60-70kg thats :* heavy you sure:confused: thats like three bags of cement!

05-05-09, 22:58
I'm not certain of the weight mate but i really do think it's more than 40kg's - it could be that it's just awkward to pick up and seems heavier - somebody correct me if i'm wrong please:D

05-05-09, 23:22
just a bit lighter than 2 barn doors

05-05-09, 23:52
I lifted mine on my own when I bought it, but it's a struggle.
Probably more to do with size/shape more than weight though

I would guess at about 40-50 kilos with the wiper motor etc.