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Do I have to tell insurance if..

Mr fizik
06-05-09, 20:30
May sound like a silly question but

Do I have to declare to my insurance if I fit clear indicators? I am with direct line and they wont accept 'modifications' as I am under 25. Am already having to wait til next march (my renewal date) til I can fit the alloys that are in my garage, and just want to know what they would count as a modification, am sick of people thinking I am a builder!

Cheers, Isaac

06-05-09, 20:51
Declare EVERYTHING, because, should the worse come to the worse, if you haven't, they WILL refuse to pay up.

And that's clear indicators, stickers, go faster stripes, you name it............even the most trivial of mod, if undeclared, is just the excuse the insurance are looking for to avoid paying you on any claim...........

06-05-09, 21:01

06-05-09, 21:06
Got to agree, always best to tell them. It sounds trivial but if you let them know then they can't use it against you at a later date.

Sounds like your insurance company are a nightmare :(

I declared my stuff and it didn't seem to make any difference...mind you I am an old fart :D

10-05-09, 09:39
:cool: "done before i bought it, guv, didnt realise it was a mod" do you really think, apart for performance or brake mods these guys know what a mod is, they think he rides a scooter down brighton and causes hastle, tell em anyway for peace of mind, and inform them that it improves safety T:

10-05-09, 14:36
:cool: "done before i bought it, guv, didnt realise it was a mod"

Good luck with that one..........

Seriously - as has been said already, there are people employed by the insurance companies who's job it is to make sure they don't have to pay up.

I once had a company try to weasel out of a theft claim (car was stolen and then recovered, with LOTS of damage done by the scrotes who nicked it) SOLELY due to a 'Musician's Union' sticker I had in the back of the car!! I got the sticker from a local music shop, as I thought it looked 'cool' - yet the insurance tried to say that having the sticker showed I was a professional musicain!!

It took eight months of arguing before they paid out on the claim!!

All over a poxy sticker!!

Mr fizik
10-05-09, 15:05
Cheers for the replies, think ill have to err on the side of caution and leave it standard until I can change insurance providers to someone who will accept mods lime adrian flux etc.

Dont have enough money to pay out if the worst did happen and insurance was 'invalidated' by mods. Thought about putting a cycling sticker on the back but thought it would give away the fact there may be bikes in the back to thieves.

Took the van (888 special) for a new back box not so long back and the mechanic commented that it had uprated heavy duty springs on the back, so I will have to declare that, just hope they will accept it!

I am not too happy with the insurance as they dont have an 888 special on their computer so although i pay a premium for an 2002 888 special (they overode the computer) on my insurance document it says the van is a t5 t30 130bhp (even though they didnt make these in 2002!) I have asked them to update my paperwork but they say they cant as as far as their computer is concerned there is no such thing as a t4 888 special.
They say that I am still covered, but I really would like it in writing to cover myself! Would really like to cancel my insurance with them but would not know how to transfer my previous 1 years no claims, as have been with my current insurers for around 2 months :(

10-05-09, 15:21

Mr fizik
10-05-09, 15:31
Cheers for the advice Billybus,

Good job I wont be driving it till June now then, have begged them to update documents, even offerered to send a picture but they are having non of it, as apparently the fact that all calls are recorded means I would be alright if I had a claim, but until I get it in writing I am not going to take their word for it! Would be too easy for them to claim they had no record of me telling them what the van was.

Trouble is I bought the van without knowing about the rear springs, and I know it is my resposibility to have realised they were uprated, but tis gona be a pain if they wont accept it. Am trying to do the right thing in telling them about it but instead will get penalised for it, times like this I wish I was 25 not 21!

10-05-09, 15:46