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Window latch on Multivan????

06-05-09, 20:48
Hi all i have a 92 Multivan in good nick but i have noticed the window latch for the sliding window is starting to come loose and come away from the window ive tried to glue this on with normal glue and it stayed for a bit but it has come away again!

Has anybody had this experience or can anybody tell me if its broken or what i can do?????

Its just tilted back kinda half hanging off i rekcon that it will come completely off with time as im driving and also to me it seems like a security risk as the window could be just slid open!

07-05-09, 13:15
Its grand got it sorted, I didnt want to remove it (from the inside) as i thought it was somehow just glued or stuck on, but it turns out theres a screw in it and then two more screws inside, had to take the entire sliding door panel inside panel off to access the screw when I was putting it back on like!

So its just screwed on!