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*** Multivan Centre Console For Sale ***

07-05-09, 21:04
I have a centre console from Germany that I was planning on fitting but decided against it (it will just end up full of empty coffee cups)

It's the type with a large storage pocket. Looks good and handy storage space (unless like me you have a takeaway caffiene habit !)

now Looking for 100+ plus postage, they are normally 105-120 Euros (buy it now) plus Postage from Germany on Ebay.de

07-05-09, 21:05
Neal............... we need a pic!! T:

07-05-09, 21:11
I have been looking for one of these 1st dibs ! how much you looking for !

John J M
07-05-09, 21:18
2nd dibs cash awaits! O7731816527

08-05-09, 16:28
Still for sale?i want it!

08-05-09, 17:05
I'll start the bidding at 10

08-05-09, 17:17
Its like this one but with a deep storage pocket where the black section/monitor is


John J M
09-05-09, 07:00
Sorry neal im gunna pass, . good luck

09-05-09, 07:48
will take it if still available.. pm me

09-05-09, 08:06
Does this need parts cutting out of it to fit a the van?