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Anyone live near Blyth Northumberland???

truck king
08-05-09, 16:43
Just new to this game and interested to meet any locals that could give me some advice and help. Always looking for ideas and getting my van painted next week so should be able to attend meets with it soon. I have to say though, I am a pain in the for making sure things are right, but thats what I find great about the VW scene in that you can have or ultimate and it does not matter (hope I am right here) Anyway I would like to hear from members in my area that are loaded with money and looking for someone to spend it on, failing that, then anybody will do.
Check out my aircooled T4, well it was when I bought it.
Ta 4 noo, Jeff

08-05-09, 18:51
how do, im from birtley(oh well) and have just bought a velle, supposedly there is a meet that the local t4s attend, its on a wed at the metro toys r us car park but i dont know which wed of the month? i am looking to get myself down there soon but cant wait to show off the velle, already got my tints on and waiting on wheels, then lowered... all good fun!

08-05-09, 20:09
how do truck king live in new hartley cant nearer than that give me a pm and we can arrange a meet up cheers cee-jay:)

Big T
08-05-09, 20:22
I live in the toon, not got a T4, still thinking about it but yeah, I think the NE T4 guys have pretty much adopted the monthly hotrod meet outside toys r us at the metrocentre as a monthly gathering, there were plenty T4's last month.

The meets are on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, the next one being this coming wednesday, the 13th from about 7pm onwards.

truck king
08-05-09, 21:31
Cheers for the replies, will go on wed night with my V Dub, well the little one (polo) My van is going for paint on Monday and still cant decide on the colour(s) as for wheels well thats even worse, I think I will get Team Dynamics Equinox 18 inchers coz I have only ever seen 1 set on a T4.
I am interested in your comments about my van which you can see on my album. Being honest I think I have went the hard way round it, but money rules and paying for a good straight one was out of the question. Cant wait till I get it back and finished.
Cheers, Jeff

09-05-09, 06:22
hi there i from berwick not far up the road