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150bhp thank u!!!!

big iain
08-05-09, 17:21
had my remap done today by chip wizards.

iv now finished the engine mods on my 88bhp van.

t5 intercooler
egr blocked
de cat
102bhp injectors
.216 nozzels

the van now flys!!!!!
drives the same really up till around half throttle, over that and its an animal. its nice havin the extra power there ready when u want it!!! really pulls in any gear, sitting on the m6 on the way home at 50mph then boot it in 5th and its off!!!!! really felt like it was held back before and wanted to go but couldnt, now feels like it flows.

wayne at chip wizards has done so many now and he has a few maps saved on his lap top he knows exactly which one will be rite. i was only with him for a few hours and he did it for less than i expected. could hav gone for more power but he was concerned with smoke levels. its now at 147.9bhp. really happy with it!

think its cost me about 8quid per extra horse power to do.

big thank you to rake(ron) and vanbling for discovering the pp way and telling us about it. thanx ron for answering all my questions.


08-05-09, 20:15
how much was the remap?

08-05-09, 20:20
how much was the remap?

Around 500 by what it says "8 per extra hp"!

08-05-09, 20:24
ive got a 88hp van and only today was thinking of getting the injectors and intercooler fitted and then a remap.

i wouldnt have the know how to fit the intercooler or nozzles

anybody know how much this bit will cost and somewhere close to bristol to get it done.

thought i could get this bit done first then get remapped when funds allow.

08-05-09, 20:33
Around 500 by what it says "8 per extra hp"!

The 8/bhp is for the whole job I would think. Not just the remap.

I seem to remember 300 ish but that was a while ago so may be different now ?

big iain
08-05-09, 23:13
Around 500 by what it says "8 per extra hp"!

no! thats everything!!!! intercooler, intercooler pipe work, fitting intercooler, 102bhp injectors, nozzels, fitting nozzels into injectors, fittting injectors, new fuel pipe, new injector sealing washers, blanking plate for egr valve, fitting blanking plate and the remap. i took a risk buying some second hand bits and did all but the remap my self so saved a lot of dosh!!!! its a lot of work really, but made easier but reading how others have done it and taking in advice!

remap was 200quid. wayne did me a wicked deal!!!!! it all went really easily and to plan so ddnt take as long asusal. should be 350. helps that he really knows his stuf!!!! very skilled chap!

08-05-09, 23:24
OHHHHHHHHH at that price sound like it time to get the velle done :ILU:
i had my van done at Waynes last year and haven't stopped smiling sinceH:H: hes only 20 mins down t'road too

09-05-09, 11:11
big iain, glad your feeling the PP love.
Think I'll be taking the A4 Cab 2.0t FSI for a remap soon.