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Just bought a 1999 Transporter Pickup - Damaged Engine

08-05-09, 22:46
I have just purchased a 85k miles 1999 Transporter Pickup, cambelt broke, they took the head off and bent valves + 1 cracked piston.

I am not familiar with the VW Transporters atall, i hope to get it back on the road myself over the next month or so. I have a reasonable workshop and tools, Vag-Com etc.

I haven't had a look at it myself but got it at a very good price and i have known the truck personally for the last 6 years. Very well looked after, just bad luck the belt went on it!

Not sure what route to take yet, Will asses the engine block and head when i get it in the next few days.
Had a look at http://vwenginerecon.co.uk/
They look like good guys, what do you think?

If i cant rebuild the engine, i.e. new pistons and head, a re-con will be my next option, or even a used replacement engine, if anyone knows where to get one? other than ebay as i'm keeping an eye on that.

One other thing, how will it be to tow home a few miles on a tow rope?, i assume the brakes ans steering will be a handful.. but is it do-able ?

Any advice at this stage would be much appreciated,


09-05-09, 09:26
Put a Wanted ad up on here, someone may be able to help you.

09-05-09, 09:47
i know of a t reg 2.5 with 98k miles on it, but the van and change the engine...... sorted lol they guy wants 1500+vat youd probably pay more than that for an engine?

10-05-09, 13:49
Thanks for the reply's, i am going to try to repair the engine, but will see when i pick it up next week.

10-05-09, 14:24
Headgasket ain't that hard mate, especially if it's a 2.4

I've seen engines go for around 250-1250 on eBay for different sizes and condition.

12-05-09, 18:17
Just get her home. Its a 2.5 Tdi. Two broken valves, on has cracked the valve guide in the head as it broke, will take the head to a local guy who re-builds them for assessment.

Only 1 piston is damaged, doesnt look bad atall, so will pull the piston asap, hope to get a replacement piston...

Fingers crossed it will not be a huge cost to rebuild.

1 piston
Re-Con Head
Gasket set
Clutch kit (might as well while its all out)
Belts and Water pump.