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1.9 abl tdi

13-05-09, 16:54
hi there not sure if this is the right forum link thingy but just thought Id say a big thanks to all you guys on here for the advise I ve recieved ,
My van has now gone into its 2nd stage of development have removed all the egr gubins reversed the intake ,fitted intercooler ,adjusted fuel ,decatted ,shortened turbo lever .got rid of rear box and done a bit of body work ! had to readjust turbo lever has im getting readings of plus 20psi at hard excelleration .engine is 1.9 abl .going up hill in 5th and still pulling like a train .cruises at 90 and still wants to go .seems to peek out under hard off line acccerleration have I gone too far and am I in danger of killing my engine .hope to meet up with with some of u at beaulieu.
cheers wizard have just added pics of changes to the gallery not if they are in the right order but hope they are of help to anyone going the same route