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13-05-09, 21:42
I've just inherited my Aunts 2002 Volkswagen T4 EMC proline camper.
It's not been moved for 14months.
I'm picking it up on saturday and hoped you guys could give me some ideas on the tips and checks before hittin the open road.
Do I need to drain the petrol tank?


13-05-09, 21:46
before you go put the lottery on your lucks in mate T: i dont think you would need to drain it,charge battery-check oil and water etc,and give her a go,is it definetly a petrol???never seen many petrols at this age diesel perhaps???

and if you dont know what you inherited i will give you 1000 for it I:,seriously though well done and good luck

13-05-09, 21:53
If it's petrol then the fuel goes off and it will run badly until you get new stuff in. The tyres may well be flatted and need new ones, not good to leave any vehicle on its tyres for that length of time. Don't do any long trips without new ones - they go bang at speed and cause serious problems - I speak from experience!
New oil and filter, have your brake fluid checked for quality - it absorbs water and loses its efficiency over time.
Just go gently into that bright dawn of new van ownership and you should be fine.

13-05-09, 22:08
sorry fellas, I'm being a newbie prat - It's a 2.5TDI - DIESEL :-)
Cool, thanks for the tips.

I've got a 200mile drive to do in it - I'll have to go very careful I think.

13-05-09, 22:11
Has it got an MOT as that will find any major faults

and I wouldn't drive it 20 miles without one never mind 200.

old bill will pull you in seconds if you ain't got one as the anpr cameras are constantly scanning

13-05-09, 22:12
it will be fine just get in it and drive it home , just check oil and water levels before you set off ,

13-05-09, 22:16
Has it got an MOT as that will find any major faults

and I wouldn't drive it 20 miles without one never mind 200.

old bill will pull you in seconds if you ain't got one as the anpr cameras are constantly scanning

pre book it in for an mot,that way if you get stopped you may be covered for that,think its ok for a local mot but 100 miles aways a bit risky,just check all the obvious things,take a hammer with you incase brakes are siezed on-just give the wheel a good crack

now that ita a diesel take a good battery and i bet a 5 that it fires first time even after 14 months

14-05-09, 08:36
Dare I suggest you might want to get yourself insured first too?

After all, last thing you need is a 5000 fine and a ban for being caught without it. Also last thing anyone else needs is to be hit by an uninsured driver in a van with no MOT and dodgy tyres/brakes. Better safe than sorry eh?

14-05-09, 12:33
Don't worry chaps - I've organised some insurance and I've got the camper booked in for at MOT on saturday morning before I hit the open road.

14-05-09, 14:21
;) Jammy :* ;)


14-05-09, 17:47
Breakdown cover?? If you have it, you probably wont need it

enjoy the camper



15-05-09, 15:54
main trouble with any thing sat for that lenght of time, would be the breaks! if it has been sat with the hand break on, dont be suprised if the brakes have seized on, you will know if they have! if they are not seized they are likely to be tight, drive a couple of miles and check if they are getting proper hot, you might need to strip and rebuild the breaks to get them to action properly.
tryes have been covered, i would drain the fuel filter and check all fluid levels, break/oil/water/power steering etc. its likely a few of the light bulbs have gone, cheaper to change your self than in mot garage.

other than that, i would go armed with an airfreshener lol, 14month old musty smell for 200 miles might not be so good :)
also before you use the water tank, which i assume it has being a proper camper, flush this out with a sterilizing agent. the stuff used to sterilize wine making equipment is good stuff, but you can get proper drinking water tank flush i believe.

18-05-09, 09:25
Thanks for all your advice fellas!
I picked it up yesterday and the only problem was a flat battery.
Once I got a new battery in, it started 1st time.
Drove it 200 miles yesterday and towards the end of the trip it was cruising at 85mph no problems.
It's an 02 plate with only 32k on the clock and feels in pretty good shape.
I'm giving it a clean and a polish this week and post some pictures.


18-05-09, 09:56
Cool:cool:ypu'll have to bring it along to the next North East meet