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captains armrest issues

14-05-09, 21:23
I just fixed my armrest last week with a washer from an online retailer.

Leant on the armrest today and it just dropped like a stone. Took the armrest off and the washers tab on the forward side had just bent flat....:(

The piece of metal is just too thin and easily bent to really work.

anyone got any experience of which kits are better made - are they all the same?

I'll ring them tomorrow and explain. They have only been on a week and we've hardly used the van....

Does anyone have any experience of the better quality ones available made out of v2a metal? i did search the threads on this topic but a lot of the links were out of date. The stuff an ebay at the mo looks poor qual thin steel - no better than what I have at the mo...

14-05-09, 21:35
I dont know about the stronger lugg, but have found that the bolt can be too short when you add the washer/lugg thing. so the arm can just fall off if put under pressure. I re tapped the chair and put in larger m bolts

14-05-09, 21:55
bolt fine - long enough - the washer lug just bent flat.... bummer..

15-05-09, 02:07
get onto mike at cmc he will sort you out with some gooduns!

15-05-09, 07:53
I had the same problem, I welded a brace across the two side tabs then epoxied the repair piece to the armrest. Its more than strong enough now.

15-05-09, 15:14
I had cmc ones and that buckled as well. The problem is that the shoulder radius of the lug bits is too great and this makes the lug stand off a bit even when armrest bolt is fully tightened and that creates too much play and so allows it to distort and collapse. My solution is not good but I have a cable clip over the lugs to give it some stability.