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Horn push, how do I get in?

15-05-09, 08:55
The horn on my T4 v reg has packed up. I have checked the relay off the van on a battery and it comes in with a nice click. On the van, push the horn, no click. Fuse 4 fine, +12 on the relay. If I trace back to the connector under the steering wheel, +12 v everything fine except the horn push doesnt do anything.
How do I get in to check it.

15-05-09, 09:05
Before you go after the horn push rule out the REALLY easy thing first.

Since it's such a common problem, check the horn itself is working by running a wire to it from the battery. As the horn is located in the passenger wheel arch it gets massively wet & mucky and they quickly pack up from rust etc.

Once you know the horn itself isn't to blame then try for the horn push (sorry I don't know how to get at it either, but better to do the simple checks first!).

15-05-09, 12:30
l had same problem with mine, the horn was US (corroded), horn cover had come off/lost and all the muck off the road had caused it to fail, so l replaced horn 10 and positioned it away from wheel arch to prevent it from happening again.

16-05-09, 01:40
Still the relay has to operate first and it aint and thats operated by the horn push so I need to get at it.