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what engine will fit a t4 non turbo

16-05-09, 18:37
hope some1 can help i have recently blew the bottom end on my van which i fitted a brand new head on 20 000miles ago. will a vw caddy 1.9 non turbo engine fit a vwt4 800 special non turbo 1994 as far as i know the engine in my van is a 1x.

16-05-09, 21:28
it will but you will have to swap all the ancilliaries over and tap out couple of engine mounts as they are wrong size, to be honest id go for the Tdi golf engine conversion, same amount of work as putting caddy engine in but you get as much power as a 102 bhp 2.5 tdi T4 but without the hassle of the ownership....... cheap mk3 golf tdi's are everywhere find a cheap donor and go for it!! mine is like a missile now :D