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Best place for legal number and show plates

16-05-09, 18:44
Anyone know a good (cheap) online site for road legal and show plates number plates?

16-05-09, 18:46

16-05-09, 19:03
Im sure confusion could arrise with getting pulled with the pressed plates and the cops not sure if they are legal. Shame you have to send all the ID and vehicle papers if doin it online

Smokey Fontaine
16-05-09, 19:57
Mine just failed the MOT on having the german font type on, but they only mentioned the spacing in the failure not the font because I seperated the VW bit out of the 3 letters.

The fella there did show me another car in his compound which would also fail according to him because the plate, although it had the correct font and spacing it had no manufacuturers stamp (postcode etc).

If that is true things are getting real bad. What about all these t*ats without tax and insurance.....................................On the day i was just glad that was all it failed on. RESULT!


Mr Woodcraft
17-05-09, 20:00
next time take a 'legal' set for the motI: i carry 'spares'T:

17-05-09, 20:21

Got my plates legal and show from these guys....

I too carry my legal plates but would like to find a type of clip that will secure them for MOTs and long journeys to avoid the Police interest... have been using the plate double sided stickers but it takes ages to clean the adhesive off again :confused: any ideas or solutions?????

Mr Woodcraft
17-05-09, 20:41
how about normal number plate bolts?, i made my own plates (signmaker:D) so made sure the black bolts went through the lettersT: